Thursday, May 5, 2011

Model K. aka Miri on SG. aka Lily_D. on

mpvisions-digital photography's miss. K. photographer, model, friend, artist.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pieces form the Whole

driving in the nite past bedtime is always a blast with dim flash lights in ur numb hands. heart beating faster than insane worries. 05-01-11 a long awaited photography shoot with model K. aka Lily_D. from a photographer and model, K is quite the genuine fine artist about to graduate and enter the field i am roaming around in and have been. im an artist and this is clear and K is as well. 2 photographers, 2 many ideas, too many pieces. however on may 1st i met up with her and we drove to lincoln park in dartmouth ma. K is the official model to begin mpvisions-photography 6th season at the abandoned park. it started way back in 2006 with model nikki kay. it was the first time posing full nude and last time nikki and i worked. present time model K of gave me the opportunity to photograph her on a 3rd time. its been some time that i a have had a running stretch of a model returning for a shoot. as she mentioned to me, it seems that the favs are hard to grab nowadays. i completely agree K.

to continue the shoot with K was epic. a genuine beauty full of spirit and i myself full of determination to make this 3rd time around with her count massively. as i said in the beginning i was out late racing around and even headed to umass dartmouth searching for the first chip of images. i had the second chip but i misplaced the first set. i was a mess. however at inbetween 3am and 4am i found it and i was fucking relieved. im pretty beat still from a lack of sleep and nerves. i am currently editing and listening to the social network soundtrack. furthermore the images above were edited with tint of blue to go along with and increasing the mood of each image.

to close i will be up editing and proudly sending these to K and Ryan my web designer man to build up K's album. until tomorrow, look for more images to arrive of K on, MM, this blogspot, and a few here and there on SG. the pieces form the whole.

mp 05-02-11 8:18pm

Monday, April 4, 2011


during this time the name i had for my work was written out as: mattthewpearlvisions. now it is known as mpvisions-photography. miss whiskey was the one of the finest muses in the early days. i appreciated her support and nowadays i see a similiarity in the work i am doing now. im returning to the old and more comfortable state of mpv.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rare Photograph

mpvisions-digital photography exhibits a rare photograph of a dear friend and open to the art. i thank her and this series alone was a break from mpv though it does bring similiarities to the mpv plate.

Friday, April 1, 2011

mpvisions-photography love marilyn monroe

a woman who is a huge inspiration and still to this date loved and admired. i still remember peeping through the huge book of marilyn in chelmsford ma. goodness!, a pure beauty.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lincoln Park and the MPV Girls 2006-2011

model: Isabel and model JF. model: Lily_D.
model leira waitt
the stage for many
6 years and just wait for the rest of the work,

models Sarah Sicksin and Leah Hilton to close the doors.

Monday, March 28, 2011

remastered laura d.

after SG networking, long day of work in general, dropping off the jeep @ the garage, im home and finished uploading new images on modelmayhem. this is model laura d. muse and friend. next shoot with her in april tba 2011.

photograph location: brattleborough vt. 2010